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This is what sets us apart from every other app developer in the Twin Cities:

We have a long track record of creating mobile apps that people actually love to use.

Connect with us at our booth to see a thrilling selection of the mobile apps and virtual reality experiences we have created for clients.

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So, do you even need a mobile app?

If you need to solve any of the following business problems…then yes.

  • Your product/service is highly experiential and you want prospects to grasp the big benefits.
  • You need to keep employees connected and up-to-date.
  • You want your sales people to have really powerful marketing collateral right at their fingertips during every sales call.
  • You want to be able to track and understand what your team is using and how often.
  • You want to provide additional value/convenience to your existing clients.
  • You want to do something impressive to stand out from competitors.
  • You want to accelerate product development through collaboration
  • You are rolling out a customer loyalty program.
  • You want to offer more convenient service and support.
  • You’d like to reach out to a younger demographic.
  • You actually have/had a mobile app and no one used it.
  • And much more…

A Design Center mobile app is the solution to any and all of this.

What’s the advantage of a Twin Cities developer?

Design Center is based in St. Paul—very convenient for local organizations that value our highly collaborative approach.  While we serve organizations across the U.S., there is no substitute for sitting down with clients and hashing out ideas in person. And then there’s this: we know this market and the markets Twin Cities companies serve. We face the same geographic issues that you do and know how to get past them. We also know the advantages.

Why should I choose Design Center?

We have been around for nearly 50 years and employ some of the most talented designers and developers in the industry. Rooted in design and energized by digital, we create engaging, long-term solutions that streamline business and spark conversation. At Design Center, we turn strategic insights into reality through app development, virtual reality solutions, custom software and more. Our user-experience-focused approach to design, development and implementation produces solutions that deliver value and profitability for clients. We serve some of the world’s largest organizations from right in your own backyard.

References from clients that had issues just like yours…

  • The technology is simple for our employees to use. The bottom line is that the app increased franchise engagement by 15%, usage by 12%, and employee engagement by 100%.

    Manager of Training and Operations
    Major Food Service Company
  • I have been a Design Center customer for over three years. In this time, they have delivered multiple applications that have been purposefully imagined, meticulously considered, and truly transformative. We realized return-on-investment immediately. You won’t find a better firm to work with.

    Senior Product Manager
    Major Home Improvement Product Supplier
  • They are thoughtful solution finders, conscientious about deadlines and deliverables, straightforward in managing expectations, and just really delightful people. I highly recommend them.

    Manager of Training and Operational Support
    Major Food Service Company
  • The app is a tool for our sales team so that they can quickly access all the materials that we have available to them. For example, within the app there are videos and brochures that showcase all of our equipment. It is essentially like having an interactive brochure at your fingertips.

    Sales Strategy Manager
    Major Food and Facilities Services Company
  • I highly recommend Design Center for companies that are trying to move away from traditional modes of business and innovate as well as differentiate themselves within their industry.

    Product Manager
    Major Window and Door Manufacturer

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