Simple-to-Update Mobile Apps that Don’t Require IT Involvement

ST. PAUL, MINN. U.S. –FEBRUARY 12, 2019 – Design Center now offers an innovative mobile app management tool that gives HR and marketing complete control over optimizing and managing apps without involving IT.  

The tool, called AppKits, gives Design Center’s clients—especially the departments for whom the app was designed– the ability to change/update the app as often as hourly —add a brochure, remove a product, update pricing, modify the sales presentation—the potential is unlimited.

This means no more waiting in the IT queue, then trying to explain the modifications to busy IT personnel, hoping that they make the correct changes and finally realizing that by the time all of this was accomplished, the modifications have become irrelevant.

Design Center President Ken Haus said, “We built AppKits so that marketing/sales teams can fully and simply leverage the power of the app without having to depend on busy IT teams; all too often, by the time IT takes care of an update it’s just too late. Using AppKits, the app is always up-to-the-minute and highly relevant for users.”

With AppKits, clients can easily deploy and manage their app, sync content, manage users, distribute presentations, ensure security and more. What used to be complex business processes can be distilled down to a simple swipe or tap — everything from placing orders to analyzing data to perfecting a sales presentation. Standard AppKits features include:

  • Update and Sync Content: Clients keep users equipped with the latest content by instantly pushing new information as needed, ensuring that everyone has the most recent information at all times.
  • Manage Users: Clients can add and remove users—and manage their level of access and control; create authorized users and assign roles that define how much they can see, edit, upload or contribute within the app.
  • Distribute Presentations: Clients can deliver customized presentations to some or all users at once. With an AppKits add- on, presentations can be created directly within the app platform.
  • Deploy and Manage the App: The app can be selectively deployed and access can be modified at any time.
  • Stay Secure: Clients can protect users and content with customized security. Data is protected behind strong firewall technology and backed up regularly to a secure, fault-tolerant offsite location.

Add-ons, such as the following, expand the power and function of AppKits.

  • Push/pull communications that enable users and administrators to send and receive messages from within the app.
  • UX enhancement to fully customize and uniquely brand the user experience.
  • Customized management and analytics to fine-tune control over content, users, access, data and tracking.
  • Plug-in functionality keeps users engaged by adding customized tools and processes.

“We developed this to give our clients the option of managing their Design Center apps themselves,” Haus said. “It’s an excellent example of the valuable extras we offer in an effort to deliver outstanding return to our clients on their investments.”

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