Mobile Sales App Designed with Reps in Mind Leads to More Closed Sales

ST. PAUL, MINN. U.S. –FEBRUARY 26, 2019 – Design Center created a mobile sales app that, while initially intended to meet the client’s corporate goals, also allows spec reps and sales reps to work more effectively and efficiently and ultimately close more sales.

The platform encourages a more deliberate sales process while accommodating the realities of the sales rep’s day. It supports everything from instantly pulling up relevant marketing materials, to fulfilling a sample request to collaborating with the client on configurations. The app incorporates the strategic goals of the client’s executive team while supporting the constant and varied demands of a typical sales rep’s day.

The platform delivers a seamless stream of relevant product suggestions with just a tap or two, enabling reps to offer best fit suggestions without slowing with the momentum of the conversation. It operates on two devices; a tablet for compelling visual sales presentations and a phone for more functional, responsive tasks. Key components include:

  • Power Tools: providing a quick response capability for reps to open up the time to be
  • Sales Bursts: containing just enough information to spark a conversation, seal a deal or plant a seed for future project
  • Selling Stories: elevating sales discussions beyond product information to a more insightful conversation.
  • Sessions: allowing reps to plan their client visits strategically by preselecting assets and tagging products to

Design Center Marketing Director Chris Cornejo explained, “When we started this project, the client’s idea was to create assets for the sales team that would make them more strategic in their selling. The client wanted the sales team out there having conversations with their prospects. But during our discovery process we found that sales reps weren’t being more strategic because they just didn’t have the time. Our goal then became to give them the tools to efficiently react to their clients; to open up the time to be more strategic.”

The ultimate key to success was aligning larger strategic objectives with the realities of the reps’ days by increasing the effectiveness of demand-generation activities; making each presentation a compelling, segment-specific, application-specific story that can instantly pivot; empowering reps to speak to multiple industries and segments, tell multiple stories, and address concerns of multiple influencers; and easily present what’s new and tie it into larger strategies.

Design Center President Ken Haus said, “Our objective was to ensure that we created a powerful, easy- to-use app that would be continuously used by all stakeholders; while at the same time accomplishing the larger goals of the organization and closing more sales. We were able to deliver that and more.”

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