Jayson Heffner
CRM and Visual CPQ

8 Ways Visual CPQ Connects Buyers and Sellers

There isn’t the luxury of pausing sales, marketing, or operations while implementing a holistic digital transformation. We have to start somewhere. With a strategic roadmap developed alongside key digitalization projects, companies have the ability to paint the car while driving. Either/Or becomes Both/And.
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Remote Control: Virtual Planning Lessons

Building a consensus is hard. Sometimes it's best to get in a room and hash it out on the whiteboard until everyone understands what is going on. But what if you can't gather in a room, can you still collaborate?
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Work From Home

What if Sales People Were Human all Along?

Sales, at its core, is a human experience. The basic truth is that people buy from people they know, people they like and people they trust. As we are being socially distanced, our emotional connections have been drawn closer.
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Event Recap: Envision Series 1-on-1 with Lance Docken, Epsilon

On Oct. 8, 2019, the Envision Series kicked off with a 1-on-1 interview with Lance Docken, SVP of Strategic Solutions at Epsilon. The event was held at The Lynhall.
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