Jayson Heffner

Design Center Honored as 2021 Clutch Global Top 1000 Business

Design Center was hailed as one of the top 1000 global leaders this 2021.  Design Center is not just a leader in our market — we rank along with the trailblazers and pioneers in the whole B2B market. 
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Minneapolis Home Building & Remodeling Expo (Jan 28-30)

We'll be at the Minneapolis Home Building & Remodeling Expo (January 28-30, 2022). This comprehensive home show brings together homeowners and many of the most knowledgeable and experienced remodeling and building experts in the Minneapolis area. See the list of the upcoming trade shows where you can find us!
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Revenue Enablement

Why You Should Be Thinking More about Revenue Enablement (and Less about Sales Enablement)

Remodeling, construction, and in-home services companies face increased market pressures, accelerated competition, and the customer experience demands of sophisticated buyers. Sales enablement practices and tools helped get them this far, but threaten to limit customer growth and retention. A shift to revenue enablement is critical. What does that change look like?
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Pizza delivery mobile app

Domino’s Isn’t Just a Pizza Company & Why That Matters to You

What can a 60-year-old pizza company teach us about the importance of valuing customer experience during technological transformation? A lot, actually. Let’s examine how Domino's Pizza brought itself back from the brink by behaving like a tech company and a pizza company. Throughout this story, I will underline key principles and breakthroughs that drove this success. ...
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Clutch Global Top 1000 Companies

Two 5-Star Reviews on Clutch

Recently, we received two 5-star reviews on Clutch that demonstrate our expertise as a development agency. The first review came from a community bank. We supported their efforts of developing an Android and iOS payment app for their end users. We also received a review from a sneaker retailer. We developed an inventory system that...
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How to Maximize Digital Transformation

How to Maximize Your Digital Transformation Investment

Abandoning digital transformation is not really an option. So how do you maximize your digital transformation efforts and deliver on those innovation promises? Through our work doing exactly this, we’ve identified a few approaches we’ve found to be impactful.
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CRM and Visual CPQ

8 Ways Visual CPQ Connects Buyers and Sellers

There is a disconnect between the buyer journey and the vendor sales cycle. Visual CPQ delivers exceptional buyer experiences and accurate sales forecasting.
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5 Ways to Build a Launch Campaign

Building a product and launching it are two sides of the same coin and understanding user needs is integral to the success of both. “Nobody wants to use software” is probably not a great tagline for a company like Design Center, but it doesn’t make it any less true. People use software to do other...
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10 Steps to Drive Adoption

10 Steps to Maximizing User Adoption

So, you’ve built a brilliant new app for your business. It has the potential to ignite sales, streamline operations, and wow customers. The technology is state-of-the-art, the design is beautiful. Soon, piles of paperwork will be replaced by a few easy swipes on the tablet. Your employees will love it. Right? That depends.
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Digital Transformation Model

Digital Transformation? Where Do I Start?

There isn’t the luxury of pausing sales, marketing, or operations while implementing a holistic digital transformation. We have to start somewhere. With a strategic roadmap developed alongside key digitalization projects, companies have the ability to paint the car while driving. Either/Or becomes Both/And.
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