Michael Opperman
Digital Transformation Model

Digital Transformation? Where Do I Start?

There isn’t the luxury of pausing sales, marketing, or operations while implementing a holistic digital transformation. We have to start somewhere. With a strategic roadmap developed alongside key digitalization projects, companies have the ability to paint the car while driving. Either/Or becomes Both/And.
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New Normal Supply Chain

How a Manufacturing Company Jumpstarted Orders with Product Configuration

With a global pandemic afoot and their competitors are waiting for what the New Normal will look like, this company made the strategic decision to launch an online configuration tool that jumpstarted their sales, remotely.
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Visual CPQ: Giving Customers What They Want

An effective solution functions as an experience and not just an order taker. In addition to accurate specifications and product information, CPQs that result in purchase include product comparisons, specification explanations, and visualizations. These are the things that differentiate you from the competition. Customers often buy because it’s an exceptional experience. 
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Where’s the Playbook for Leading During a Pandemic?

We’re all in uncharted territory, but we’re finding a VUCA(ish) approach useful for making meaningful and actionable decisions, and are applying it to client problems.
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