Custom software and mobile app development, VR and much more.

Design Center’s methodology is a hybrid of human-centric design inquiry and agile product development. Through deep collaboration, we generate big ideas that transform the user experience.

We gain understanding and empathy through interviewing & observing users in the field and talking with project stakeholders. Researching the business models and what is actually done.

We iterate on possible ideas. Working with users & the product owner to understand what is working and uncover new possibilities.

The Home Depot Logo

Transforming In-Home Sales for the Remodeling Industry

We helped Home Depot add an intuitive, visual application to their existing sales platform to increase adoption and improve customer experience.

Modernizing Technical Sales to Increase Market Share

The cross-platform solution allows teams to tailor experiences, share materials digitally, & have more impactful conversations with customers. 

Personalizing Customer Experiences to Maximize Impact

Integrated with Epsilon’s back-end systems, the solutions provides a dashboard customized for each customer that includes reporting, current program enrollment, and new programs to pitch.

Providing Exceptional Service Across Franchises

Custom software allowed this retailer to serve up the information franchisees craved.

Accelerating Sales in the Chemical Industry

A chemical company needed to combine powerful selling tools into a mobile solution.

Leveraging IoT for Customer Engagement

A water treatment company helped information flow.

Developing a Virtual City to Demonstrate Products

For Uponor, we didn’t just build an app. We built a city.

Integrating with Hardware for Specification Accuracy

Valspar didn’t settle for the 64-color pack. They’re at 20,000 and counting.

Creating Dynamic Product Visualizations to Close the Deal

En-Fold’s product moved. So our app did, too.

We believe that all great projects begin with a good conversation

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