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Sales Enablement Tool



  • 200+ Sales Reps calling on OEMs and Dealers with the sales enablement tool
  • 1000+ Dealers. Each presentation is auto-customized based on programs & data
  • 100+ Assets available to sales reps

The Situation

More than ever, brand loyalty is a key differentiator in the auto buying market. Dealers must provide a seamless experience across consumer touchpoints. With hundreds of automotive dealerships to call on, a sales rep was challenged with knowing which customized marketing and loyalty programs each dealership was using – let alone how each program was performing. 

A sales rep would spend much of the day searching through folders for the right materials, logging into different portals for the latest data, and calling to customer service to get the information he needed for a customer meeting.  During the meeting, he would discover that he had inaccurate customer information. After the meeting, he would find out about new innovative programs that would have been perfect to pitch.

The Solution

Integrated with Epsilon’s customer database, the app provides a dashboard customized for each customer that includes reporting, current program enrollment, and new programs to pitch.

  • The app is mapped to Epsilon’s sales methodology, leveraging the insights and activities of the best sales reps.
  • Enrollment forms with electronic signature allow a sales rep to close new business while sitting at the dealership. 
  • Sales reps are now able to have informed consultative conversations that lead to better program performance for the dealership and increased sales for Epsilon.

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Epsilon Sales Enablement App Screens

They are fairly unique. Anybody can build an app, but they focus on the transformation of how you communicate in the digital age. And their designs are stunning. They are a design-minded development team, and you can tell when looking at competitive offerings.

Epsilon Sales Enablement App Screens

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