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The Situation

The Vehicle Care division of Zep provides chemicals, soaps, and waxes for the car wash industry. Zep also offers marketing & merchandising services along with incentive programs to help those businesses serve their customers. 

The resource center for sales and marketing was outdated. The solution wasn’t mobile optimized and had a poor user experience with a “clunky” structure and search. It had become a “dumping ground” for materials. Marketing had lost confidence in the tool, and sales reps didn’t use it. Looking at high performing sales and marketing teams, Zep leadership understood the impact a best-in-class sales enablement solution could have.

The Solution

We started by mapping their sales and marketing process in order to design an experience that their teams would use. It was critical that we improve sales and marketing collaboration, cross-sell/up-sell, product and package information accuracy, and customer communication.

Zep’s OneVoice solution allows teams to tailor experiences to specific customer types, and share materials digitally. Identifying ways to accelerate the sales cycle, we provided a cross-platform solution that enabled sales reps to have more impactful conversations with customers. And to close business faster.

Zep OneVoice Sales Enablement

Salespeople can easily access products, documents, and critical sales assets. And send product information to customers with a couple of taps.

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