Pizza delivery mobile app

Domino’s Isn’t Just a Pizza Company & Why That Matters to You

What can a 60-year-old pizza company teach us about the importance of valuing customer experience during technological transformation? A lot, actually. Let’s examine how Domino's Pizza brought itself back from the brink by behaving like a tech company and a pizza company. Throughout this story, I will underline key principles and breakthroughs that drove this success. ...
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New Normal Supply Chain

How a Manufacturing Company Jumpstarted Orders with Product Configuration

With a global pandemic afoot and their competitors are waiting for what the New Normal will look like, this company made the strategic decision to launch an online configuration tool that jumpstarted their sales, remotely.
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Remote Control: Virtual Planning Lessons

Building a consensus is hard. Sometimes it's best to get in a room and hash it out on the whiteboard until everyone understands what is going on. But what if you can't gather in a room, can you still collaborate?
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Visual CPQ: Giving Customers What They Want

An effective solution functions as an experience and not just an order taker. In addition to accurate specifications and product information, CPQs that result in purchase include product comparisons, specification explanations, and visualizations. These are the things that differentiate you from the competition. Customers often buy because it’s an exceptional experience. 
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Work From Home

What if Sales People Were Human all Along?

Sales, at its core, is a human experience. The basic truth is that people buy from people they know, people they like and people they trust. As we are being socially distanced, our emotional connections have been drawn closer.
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