When life gives you VUCA, can you still make a sports metaphor?

There's comfort in a sports metaphor, especially in uncertain times. The predictability of the framework provides an illusion of normalcy even if we later reflect and wonder what the hell is going on.
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Visual CPQ: Giving Customers What They Want

An effective solution functions as an experience and not just an order taker. In addition to accurate specifications and product information, CPQs that result in purchase include product comparisons, specification explanations, and visualizations. These are the things that differentiate you from the competition. Customers often buy because it’s an exceptional experience. 
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Work From Home

What if Sales People Were Human all Along?

Sales, at its core, is a human experience. The basic truth is that people buy from people they know, people they like and people they trust. As we are being socially distanced, our emotional connections have been drawn closer.
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Where’s the Playbook for Leading During a Pandemic?

We’re all in uncharted territory, but we’re finding a VUCA(ish) approach useful for making meaningful and actionable decisions, and are applying it to client problems.
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