Event Recap: Envision Series 1-on-1 with Lance Docken, Epsilon

On Oct. 8, 2019, the Envision Series kicked off with a 1-on-1 interview with Lance Docken, SVP of Strategic Solutions at Epsilon. The event was held at The Lynhall

The Envision Series is an interview series put together by Design Center for business leaders charged with using technology to keep their company competitive and seeking innovative solutions to successfully lead their team through digital transformation. By focusing on stories from the front lines, we go beyond semantics and can focus on the nuts and bolts of digital transformation.

We want to thank Epsilon for participating in the first event from our Envision Series, The Lynhall, our attendees, and all of our partners who collaborated with us to make this event possible.

The story

After launching a new digital offering that resulted in lower-than-expected sales, Lance realized that his organization was experiencing digital transformation misalignment. His sales team was uncomfortable selling new programs, and its customers were unfamiliar with the new offering. Without feeling equipped on the new programs, the sales team did not have the confidence to effectively promote the new offerings, and that had to change.

This problem lead to a turning point in Epsilon’s digital transformation. And it all started with addressing the alignment issues head-on.

The most important things we covered

  1. The challenge of being burdened with unclear expectations during a digital transformation and converting these expectations into opportunities for growth.
  2. What it takes to turn stakeholder and audience misalignment into high levels of adoption and clarity.
  3. The keys to equipping your sales team to benefit from and participate in digital transformation.
  4. The process of distilling tactical, functional goals and objectives from high-level digital transformation language.

Lessons we learned from Lance’s words

  • “The consumer is an emotional buyer, so you have to do things that create an emotional impact.”
  • “Make sure you’re getting smiles from sales and leadership first. Then the digital transformation will become their initiative.”
  • “Internal PR for your digital transformation is just as important as external PR.”
My biggest takeaway
  • Today you need the ability to have a much deeper conversation to articulate the value and still create influence with your client.
  • Sales are being challenged with an increasingly complex product which requires comprehensive digital tools to help reps properly demonstrate value.
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