Envisioning is the first step to digital transformation

Our proven process ensures a roadmap for success.

Envisioning is a targeted, interactive and engaging experience that drives your transformation project from concept through execution.

Before we create a single line of code, our experts will guide you through a series of activities that hone your vision, align stakeholders, budgets and goals resulting in an actionable roadmap for a successful execution.

Together, we’ll craft your app to meet and exceed your and your customers’ expectations.

How We Do It

Our proven process ensures a smile from every user.


Our creative approach to problem solving starts with  people and ends with innovative solutions tailored to  meet their needs. When we understand the people you  are trying to reach, we sometimes arrive at unexpected  answers, but we also consistently come up with great  ideas that are embraced by your users. 


Before we begin development of your app, we plan  who we are designing for, and what their high level  needs and goals are when using the product. We  create an Experience Map to show what the app  components will do and what functionality will need to  be designed and developed. 


This end-to-end map of what your app will be and who it will serve becomes the basis of your product backlog, which we help you plan and prioritize into  phases to be built & released. We develop a digital strategy and roadmap with recommendations, timelines, and estimates.

Deliverables & Activities 

Competitive Analysis
User Interviews
Stakeholder Interviews
Market Research
Experience Strategy Workshop
Discovery Brief

Deliverables & Activities 

Experience Map
Flowcharts, Sketches & Wireframes
Concept Prototype

Deliverables & Activities 

Digital Strategy & Roadmap


Transforming Operations & Communications in the Field for Aramark

Engaging with end-users is the basis for all of our application & product development at Design Center. By first understanding the underlying needs of people using your product, we create a solution that is tailor made to fit your users and is also widely adopted and embraced.


  • “Their brains were exploding. To receive such a powerful sales tool was completely overwhelming and amazing for our reps. People were thrilled. Reps have more control over how they present their sales materials,” says Sara. “The flexibility of the app allows each of our sales consultants the ability to use it in ways that suit them and their prospects best and I have more control over the content they are presenting.”

    Sara Rosenstein
    Marketing, Aramark Refreshment Services
  • “I usually get maybe 15 minutes to make my case – often standing in the front lobby of a plant. The BASF app allows me to tell the story quickly, in a way my customers can absorb easily.”

    A recent bid suddenly grew from 500 to 5,000 square feet – because I was able to answer questions on the spot. It’s about being able to move as fast as business moves today.”

    Christopher Bauer
    Flooring Specialist, BASF Construction Chemicals