Oct 24: Lunch & Learn – 3D Visualization

A picture is worth a thousand spreadsheets. An experience is worth a thousand pictures. 3D Visualization turns products or processes into strategic, multi-use visual assets.

For years, Design Center has been helping our clients explain their products or services through the use of 3D Visualization. We are now wanting to share some of the insights we have gained through this experience.


Learn about what we create & why:

  • Reusable static models to replace or bring more value to traditional photography and video;
  • Animations to explain what happens behind walls, under a microscope or over time;
  • Configurable models to explain and sell performance or aesthetic options;
  • Virtual Reality experiences to provide total immersion; and
  • more…

Learn about where these assets are used and how:

  • Mobile Applications;
  • Virtual & Augmented Reality;
  • Websites;
  • Videos; and
  • Printed Materials

Lunch from Agra Culture