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Facts About the Best U.S. Software Designer/Developer

On Deadline? Need quick facts about leading software design and developer Design Center? It’s all here.

Company Name: Design Center Inc.

Website: http://designcenterideas.com/

Core Business: mobile application development; user experience research; consulting and implementation; content management solutions; custom software platforms and integrations; website design; user interface design; graphic design services; 3D modeling; animation and visualization; virtual reality and augmented reality.

Year Founded: 1969

President: Ken Haus

2040 Saint Clair Ave., St Paul, Minn. 55105

Michigan Sales Office:
575 E Big Beaver Rd, Troy, MI 48083

Corporate Phone: 651-699-6500

Media Contact:
Chris Cornejo, Marketing Director
ccornejo@designcenterideas.com 651.302.7691

Primary Industries Served Directly and thru Partner Marketing and PR Firms:
Building Materials and Construction, Chemical, Industrial Coatings, Engineering, IoT, Medical and Biotech, Retail Management and Operations, Hospitality, Financial Services

Our clients have won multiple awards for the projects we created.

• Design has created more than 200 apps.
• Design Center has been in business for over 50 years.

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Photos and Graphics: Photos and graphics are available on request.

Partial Client List

● 3M
● Accenture
● Aramark
● Ecolab
● Ecowater
● Epsilon
● Häagen Dazs
● The Home Depot
● Nestlé
● Uni-Systems
● University of Minnesota
● Uponor
● Valspar