Expert User Engagement for Mobile Sales Apps that Improve Close Rate

ST. PAUL, MINN. U.S. – JANUARY 23, 2019 – Design Center President Ken Haus developed a list of 10 ways for enterprises to maximize user engagement of the company’s mobile sales apps and close more sales. He explains, “The most important thing, which is not on the list, is choosing a mobile app developer that will not only create an outstanding app, but will also work with clients to ensure that the app is a winner, delivers measurable ROI and stays relevant over the long haul.”

Following are Haus’ 10 tips for ensuring success:

  1. Brand It: Choose a name users can appreciate, one that conveys the app’s unique features and personality. The name will send a message to users about how well-designed the app is, how easy it is to use and if it is worth embracing.
  2. Generate Anticipation: A month or two before the app is deployed, strategically leak the word that things are about to get easier/better/faster/more exciting/more fun. Keep everyone guessing about the rest.
  3. Launch It: When the app is deployed, do it with a level of energy that drives everyone to try the app immediately and pushes them through the first few weeks of adjustment. Give sales reps time to learn and get comfortable with the new app before they are in high-pressure situations.
  4. Sell It: Market to employees as though they had to purchase the app. They need to invest time and energy into learning the app and integrating it into their routines; they need to understand features and benefits. Above all, they need to clearly know what’s in it for them.
  5. Accessorize It: Think about what will help users get the most out of the app. Will they need any supplies in addition to a tablet, such as a stylus, case, keyboard, etc.? Brand as many of the accessories as possible—including the tablet itself.
  6. Incentivize It: Don’t assume employees will instantly start incorporating the new app into their workflow. Consider offering personal motivation.
  7. Support It: Make this transition as easy as possible by providing all the training and support employees need. The more confident they are about using the app, the more they will use it. Actively gather feedback and suggestions from users. They will be the best source for learning what’s working and what’s not.
  8. Generate Constant Buzz: Keep talking about the app—before, during and after the launch, and for as long as the app is in use. Develop standard means of communication and share a variety of information with users such as: tips and best practices, new features and additions, real life demos, etc.
  9. Maintain It: An app that is being regularly cared for will stay vibrant and valuable to users. Don’t let the app go dormant, keep it fresh and engaging.
  10. Optimize and Evolve It: When the enterprise stops investing, users will too. Release new versions of the app on a regular basis to make sure it remains an exciting and indispensable tool for users. If the app starts to feel retro or if other tools become easier or more efficient to use, user engagement will slip.

Many app developers are strong on the technology side but don’t offer much support beyond that.

Design Center ensures both cutting-edge app technology and effective user engagement with its comprehensive App Deployment and Management program that has been successfully applied to 100s of apps.

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