App Design that Delivers ROI Unveiled by Design Center

ST. PAUL, MINN. U.S. –March 11, 2019 – App design experts Design Center just unveiled their strategy for creating mobile apps that deliver outstanding ROI for clients in all sectors.

Design Center President Ken Haus said, “We work closely with clients to determine the exact metrics that provide a clear picture of the return on their investment. Because each app we design is customized, we are able to integrate strategic analytics that are most useful for that particular client. In short, we can track almost anything the client wants to track.”

Most of the custom mobile apps that Design Center builds include, at a minimum, Google Analytics and CRM metrics. Other measurement capabilities include: user engagement; lead volume; sales cycle time; closed sales; training time; and sales rep and technician response times.

“Understanding the functionality of a solution is key to creating meaningful metrics,” Haus added. “We create KPIs early in the process so that indicators can be put in place to clearly show when a solution is having a positive,

negative or no effect. That not only helps the client, but it allows us to address any underperforming aspects immediately.”

A typical example of ROI is an app that Design Center created for one of the largest home improvement retailers in the U.S. In addition to driving a significant amount of annual revenue, the app:

  • Delivers about 50% more leads per rep
  • Reduces sales cycles
  • Increases close rates
  • Decreases the need for sales rep training

Because of the app, sales reps can now consolidate three customer appointments into one or two. In addition, with increased functionality that includes on-the-spot contract generation, they can easily close sales in one appointment.

Another Design Center mobile app client, whose business model is reliant on in-home sales, reported the following to date:

  • $2 billion in sales through the app
  • $7 billion quoted through the app
  • Consistent growth of 20% – 25% each year;7%-12% higher than corporate projections
  • Training time reduced from days/weeks to hours

The client reported that, as a result of the app, demand is so high they will need to purchase land for additional facilities.

“Design Center helped build the analytic functionalities that are allowing us to gauge usage and how it compares to sales, franchisee engagement, etc.,” another client said. “One of the things our biannual franchise survey measures is franchise engagement, which tells us a lot about the health of our business. Our engagement score went up by 15% over the last two years, which is an enormous jump for this industry. The result is directly related to the app that Design Center created for us.”

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