Mobile Payment App for Financial Institutions with Same Day ACH Announced by Design Center and ExcheQ

ST. PAUL, MINN. U.S. –April 24, 2019 – Design Center has partnered with North American Banking Company to create groundbreaking mobile payment solution ExcheQ. The app solves a simple problem that was previously unsolvable: how to transfer money, through an app, to a recipient that doesn’t have the app. Having this capability helps independent financial institutions level the playing field with industry leaders. ExcheQ works in the following way:

  1. The financial institution offers the app to its customers.

  2. The customer downloads the app, which is connected to the customer’s bank account, into a mobile device.

  3. The customer uses the app to set up a transfer to any other person with a bank account (whether or not the recipient has the app).

  4. The app sends a message to the recipient notifying them of the transaction request.

  5. The recipient enters their financial institution’s information.

  6. The transfer into the recipient’s account is complete; fully secure and with no transaction fees to the recipient.

ExcheQ was selected as one of three award finalists in the Payments 2019 ACH Network Challenge. The competition is designed to develop new ways to use same day ACH to improve efficiencies and add revolutionary capabilities to the payments system. The winner will be announced in Orlando, Fla. May 6.

Design Center is working with ExcheQ to incorporate the app into digital solutions they build for clients. Ken Haus,

President of Design Center and Vice President of ExcheQ, said “Not many design and development studios are offering financial tools like this. As with all of our digital solutions, ExcheQ is innovative, practical, highly responsive, and users love it.”

The app was designed to be as simple and secure as possible, requiring neither a debit card nor a paper check.

Unlike Venmo, PayPal, Popmoney and Zelle;

  • No payee registration is required.

  • Funds are FDIC insured.

  • It works with all ACH processing systems.

  • There are no third parties accessing the customer’s bank account information.

  • Transaction data is stored less than 1 hour.

The app was conceived by Michael Bilski, President of ExcheQ and CEO of North American Banking Company, when he was invited to participate in discussions on faster, more seamless payment systems with the Federal Reserve Bank’s Faster Payments Task Force.

“This app solves a simple problem that no one was able to solve before—being able to transfer money to another person through an app, even if the other person doesn’t have the app,” Bilski explained. “While this app is ideal for smaller financial institutions, it can be scaled to institutions of any size.”

Now that customers at North American Banking Company have been using the app successfully for more than a year, other financial institutions are eagerly adopting it. The app is distributed through UBB (United Bankers’ Bank) and available to end users through the Apple App Store and Google Play Apps.

For more information on ExcheQ visit or contact Michael Bilski 651-628- 6626,

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