Advice for Developing Mobile Apps, Digital Solutions from Design Center

ST. PAUL, MINN. U.S. –May 13, 2019 – Design Center just developed a strategic worksheet for clients to ensure everyone involved in the digital solution development process starts from a common understanding of objectives, business goals and possible obstacles to be overcome. This gives stakeholders the insights and strategy to initiate the development process.

This worksheet is just one of the tools in Design Center’s industry-leading Envisioning process.

The company’s creative team knows that initiating the process can seem overwhelming to clients, especially if the client is still trying to clarify business needs or build consensus with stakeholders. They may also be at the point of gathering feedback for a clearer understanding of how their project will integrate into the user’s daily life. No matter what stage the client is at, they need a plan to build the best solution for their application.

This is where the Envisioning process comes in.

Before Design Center creates a single line of code their experts lead clients through a targeted program that brings clarity and definition to their goals and lays out a success roadmap that informs decisions along the way.

Design Center President Ken Haus said, “There are no wrong answers in this process. As designers, we thrive on information to do our best work. The better grasp we have on where our clients are coming from and the direction they want to go, the better we will be able to maximize the impact of this process.”

Once the Envisioning process is complete and the final digital solution is delivered, Design Center conducts regular reviews to ensure that the products they create never become obsolete. During the review, they talk to senior level officials as well as the client’s product lead for an update on where the organization is going, what they are currently trying to accomplish, and how goals are evolving. Design Center then determines how the technology can continue to align with objectives and ensure the best possible user experience.

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