Design Center, Inc. Named Top App Developer of 2019 by B2B Ranking and Review Site Clutch

Design center is focused on creating solutions to streamline your business and spark conversations. Our team has all the tools and expertise necessary to transform visionary ideas from well-conceived concepts to polished communication tools. Since our founding in 1969, what sets us apart is our ability to combine conceptual thinking with technical expertise to create highly engaging solutions for every user. Our products derive power from our programming expertise and are irresistibly captivating due to our thoughtful craftsmanship. With that said, we don’t just check off boxes, we help clients realize great ideas.

Design Center is proud to announce that we have been named by Clutch as one of their top iPad app developers of 2019.

Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews firm that ranks companies according to a number of criteria including how well they’re reviewed by their past clients, market share, and ability to deliver. The web platform at is intended to allow users to see how businesses and solutions compare in a specific market and discover industry insights from thought leaders. One of the many ways that Clutch accomplishes these goals is by conducting verified interviews with former clients over the phone that are then compiled and published on Design Center’s profile page.

Although Clutch’s research is highly involved and includes multiple independent factors, their number one consideration for a company’s quality is their clients’ experience. The Clutch reviews are dynamic, and the breath of the questions intends to elicit responses that clarify exactly what it is like to work with our company. For instance, when a Clutch analyst asked one of our clients what they found most impressive about Design Center, they had only highly positive things to say.

Their focus on design sets them apart. This addresses what a product looks and feels like, as well as how people will use it. Design Center also works tightly with the technology part in order to make the software work well. They have a great team.

We seek to remain professional and helpful in all facets of the partnership with our clients, including prompt communication, constructive comments, and swift recovery of mistakes. It is highly encouraging to our team to hear that we had satisfied this customers’ needs and that they felt compelled to leave us such a kind review. We are eager to continue receiving feedback from supportive clients and to use this feedback to constructively improve our services.

Our commitment to keeping our client’s priorities at the forefront of our minds has landed us acknowledgments on clutch’s sister-sites “The Manifest” and “Visual Objects.”

We are thrilled to announce that The Manifest has named Design Center the number one UX design agency in Minneapolis in their May 2019 rankings! Similarly, Design Center ranks among the top UX designers on Visual Objects.

Our team has always strived to be the best of the best. Excelling far beyond the capabilities of our competitors is what we do best and even though we are the best performing UX Design company in all of Minneapolis, we are nowhere close to stopping!

We couldn’t do what we do without our loyal customers, dedicated team of designers, and the support from review sites like Clutch. Our team would like to extend a sincere “Thank You” to everyone who helped us reach the success that we have achieved today. If you would like to help us continue to support Clutch by adding to our profile, please submit a review today. Everyone at Design Center is beyond excited for the recognition!