No Cost Onsite Mobile Application, Virtual Reality Demo by Leading App Developer Design Center

ST. PAUL, MINN. U.S. – AUGUST 27, 2018 – just announced a no-cost onsite mobile application, virtual reality demo presented at the client/prospect’s place of business—on their schedule. The objective is to create a climate of open discussion in a low pressure environment that focuses on client needs, possible solutions, costs and timeframes. Areas it covers include:

  • How an app can solve your current business issues
  • How an app can create a clear advantage over competitors
  • What’s new in app development and VR
  • How an app will improve/integrate into current processes
  • Budget—what it will cost
  • Time from design to implementation
  • And more.

During the presentation, Design Center’s leading designers, developers, and user-experience experts present a variety of mobile apps, custom software and AR/VR solutions. By seeing real-world examples, prospects gain insight about how these new technologies can be used to streamline and supercharge their business.
The Road Show is an effective way for Design Center to convey, in a no-pressure environment that invites open conversation, a firsthand understanding of the powerful results these solutions deliver.

The presentation is scaled to fit the venue, whether it is a conference room, cafeteria or improvised space. Design Center staff members bring their own equipment or coordinate with onsite staff to utilize theirs.

Design Center President Ken Haus said, “Our products are experiential by design. Seeing them in person is important to the overall understanding of the impact they can have and how they can support a vibrant business, transform a stagnant business or ignite a growing start-up.”

The core content of the presentation is how an app becomes an integral tool—from design to development to implementation to continuous refresh. Before leaving, Design Center’s experts will help the organization formulate a wish list and a plan for follow up.

“The real work of software design and development is often hard to see in the final product unless you understand what it took to get there,” Haus said. “Many people think they need to have it all figured out before they come to us. However, we don’t want a client’s vision for their project to be limited by their initial understanding of what technologies are available to them; we want to educate them on the possibilities through sharing and demonstrating our existing project solutions and engaging in a discussion about the processes used to get to the final products.”

Visit Design Center’s dedicated Road Show webpage for more information and to schedule a Road Show.

Founded in 1969, leading software designer and developer Design Center turns strategic insights into reality through app development, virtual reality solutions, custom software and more. Rooted in design and energized by digital, Design Center creates engaging, long-term solutions that streamline business and spark conversation. The company’s user-experience-focused approach to design, development and implementation produces solutions that deliver value and profitability for clients. Among the company’s value adds is AppKits, a proprietary application management engine, that ensures the company’s solutions perform at the highest level. Design Center serves some of the world’s largest organizations from their headquarters in centrally located St. Paul, Minn.

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