Mobile App that Improves Sales and Shortens Sales Cycle Innovated by Design Center

ST. PAUL, MINN. U.S. – SEPTEMBER 21, 2018 – Design Center just announced a mobile app that improves sales and shortens sales cycles. They have developed this custom app for several clients including a large home improvement retailer with 4,000 stores across the U.S. In addition to driving a significant amount of annual revenue, the app:

  • Delivers about 50% more leads per sales rep
  • Shortens sales cycle times
  • Increases close rates
  • Elevates brand perception
  • Decreases the need for sales rep training.

Because of the app, sales reps can now consolidate three customer appointments into one or two. In addition, with increased functionality including on-the-spot contract generation, they can easily close sales the same day.

Initially, the home improvement retailer wanted an app that would facilitate in-home window sales for their sales reps. Then it evolved into a presentation tool, then a configurator, and other products were added such as siding, roofing, insulation, and gutters. Eventually Design Center connected the app to Salesforce.

Design Center started the project with an intensive discovery process so that the entire team could learn the intricate details of what the client was selling, including processes and value propositions, and what they were trying to achieve.

The design team mapped out the entire product; creating flow charts and maps that went through many iterations.  Then they methodically designed the application—with IT working on the back end, designers working on the front end and the entire team continually collaborating with the client.

During this design phase, Design Center conducted 5-minute daily meetings with client stakeholders authorized to make decisions. The goal was effective communication that would head off any obstacles and keep the project moving as efficiently as possible.

Once the initial app was complete, Design Center provided sales rep training through tools such as WebEx and training documentation.

The app improved sales immediately and the client was delighted.

Over the months and years, Design Center added more products to the app, each with several brands. The development process was very complex and involved an enormous amount of data.

Design Center President Ken Haus said, “We had to clean the data and figure out how to get it all to actually work. The data was coming from a lot of different sources so there were a lot of variables. We had to create a common table that had a common language across brands for things like paint colors. We knew that usability and the quality of the data would have a significant effect on our client’s sales.”

Design Center also tied the app to all 4,000 individual stores in order to take into account considerations such as different home improvement requirements in different geographies and also regional promos. Now customers can see all available, relevant products in their own homes.

Another benefit of the app is that it allows the marketing department to control the sales process by leading sales reps through a customized path to sales success.  For example, marketing can drag and drop priorities that actually structure the presentation.  This gives sales reps a clear idea of which products to push forward–an especially invaluable feature for new employees.

Eventually the app will expand to allow the client to compete effectively with Amazon, which is currently entering the home services market.

“It really shortens the sales cycle,” Haus said. “Sales reps love the application; they say it is the best on the market.  Sales reps make more money and this means our client makes more money. Anytime you make a process more effective and efficient, it translates into revenue.”

He summarized, “We are very invested in the success of the tool, more so than selling it.  The easiest way to continue building our business is to continue building successful tools. In the end, the tools we develop translate to increased sales for our clients.”

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