Custom Apps that Evolve with Your Business and Never Become Obsolete Developed by Design Center

ST. PAUL, MINN. U.S. – SEPTEMBER 27, 2018 – Design Center just announced the development of custom apps that evolve with the business to ensure a mobile app never becomes obsolete. The protocol involves initial app development followed by continuous evolution of the app so that it grows along with the organization’s needs and keeps pace with leading-edge technology.

Design Center never lets the apps they design die or become obsolete. They have a maintenance and support agreement that includes a quarterly business review with an application audit to be sure that Design Center is listening to the users and addressing any pain points.

During the quarterly audit Design Center talks to senior level officials as well as the product champion for an update on where the business is going, what they are trying to accomplish, and how the goals are evolving. Design Center determines how the application can align with the goals.

A critical aspect of the quarterly review is user audits. Members of the Design Center user experience team shadow users to see how they are actually using the tool and if there are adjustments that need to be made either to the training program or the app itself.

While other app developers do offer technology updates, most competitor apps are not capable of evolving from a capability perspective. The bottom line is that a canned solution cannot evolve.

Design Center President Ken Haus said, “We are laser-focused on creating practical apps that people really enjoy using. We are super proud of the tools we create and we want them to succeed over the long term. In order for that to happen, the app needs to expand, adapt and evolve.”

The changes Design Center makes depend on the application and what it needs to do. They want to make client processes as efficient as possible and ensure that the app is continuously connected to the world. Examples include:

  • A configurator so that clients’ sales reps can configure and price product
  • A price engine that enables price promos
  • On-the-spot payment processing for credit cards, checks, payment plans, financing or a combination
  • The ability to create contracts; including signing and verification capabilities
  • A measuring function that records dimensions
  • A mapping function that creates an exact floor plan
  • Integration with the client’s CRM to coordinate lead generation and follow up
  • Customer service capabilities
  • Adding new functional technologies as they become available

Events that could trigger a change in the app include a new product offering, the addition of new distributors, cultural changes, or simply that the client wants to add new features.

“Every change is possible,” Haus said. “There is nothing we can’t do, as long as the technology is there. We want every user to have a smile on their face while they are using the app. As long as that is happening, the app will be successful.”

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