Design Center adds new Michigan office with industry leaders Lance Docken & Dan Woodford

SAINT PAUL, MN – Design Center adds an office in Troy, Michigan allowing it to expand its digital transformation expertise. Many organizations find themselves dealing with transformation gridlock. Our Michigan team has a proven track record of realizing returns on investment for digital transformation initiatives. Their knowledge adds an additional layer of strategic support that will help clients get past the roadblocks slowing down their organization.

The new Michigan office brings with it Lance Docken and Dan Woodford. These industry leaders come with deep technology and product experience with a focus on data, marketing databases, and agency work — allowing them to help clients translate vague objectives into tangible business outcomes. 

Lance and Dan have helped businesses work through industry shifts influenced by technology and have shepherded organizations through that change to help maintain market leadership. They bring real-world insights from these past digital transformation initiatives. Additionally, they come from large organizations and provide needed strategic guidance to those spearheading a digital transformation effort from within their organization. 

The addition of the Michigan office helps Design Center:

  1. Upgrade its skillset with customer management and CRMs as well as adding expertise for data as it pertains to digital transformation.
  2. Bolster its industry experience to include additional industries and add big brand experience in working with companies like GM, Equifax, and Epsilon. Lance has held senior leadership positions with Equifax and Epsilon leading marketing, technology, digital products, analytics, and sales.
  3. Foster market expansion by increasing company bandwidth, giving Design Center more hiring opportunities and providing a larger network experience — ultimately allowing Design Center to better serve its entire client roster. 

Design Center’s addition of an office in Michigan better positions it for growth, expands its footprint, and helps clients accelerate the transformation process from vision to implementation.

About Dan

Dan Woodford, EVP Client Services, has 20+ years of marketing, customer relationship, and digital transformation experience. During that time, he’s worked with, and for, big brands like GM, Ford, Lexus, Epsilon, and Campell Ewald. Dan’s experience has helped him build a large reservoir of digital transformation experience that helps him guide clients through the digital transformation journey. 

Dan maintains strong industry relationships across the marketing and automotive landscape and has played pivotal roles in driving high performing solutions for clients and internal stakeholders.  He has been especially valuable in the area of innovation with a unique ability to make the complex simple and create solutions that drive success.

About Lance

Lance Docken, EVP Strategic Solutions, has over 20+ years of experience in leading marketing platform transformations with companies such as RL Polk, Equifax, and Epsilon. He has led   teams through a digital transformation of their current product suite and expanded the traditional direct mail and email programs to include comprehensive digital offerings. 

Lance has strong technology and product expertise working across the marketing database and agency background. He has specialized in helping businesses understand how they can leverage data in their digital transformation and has over 15 years of compiling, selling, and marketing data.

About Design Center

Design Center helps business leaders stay ahead of their competition through strategic technology solutions and digital transformation initiatives. Our design-led process begins and ends with the customer experience to deliver outcomes that align user needs to business objectives.

Founded in 1969, Design Center continues to turn strategic insights into reality through mobile app development, virtual reality solutions, custom software and more. To contact Design Center call 651-699-6500 or visit Review project information and client references at