Accelerating the Technical Sales Cycle – Sales Enablement Society

Design Center is excited to be presenting at this month’s Sales Enablement Society meeting on Tuesday, August 20. Come join the discussion and hear from Michael about how our projects have enabled sales teams to accelerate their sales growth through product configuration, data visualization, and 3D modeling.

From the Sales Enablement Society:

The sales process for highly technical products can be extremely challenging. Long sales cycles and complicated buying processes make it difficult to launch and sell even the best new solutions. Michael Opperman, Director of Business Development at Design Center, will be leading a conversation around some exciting new approaches and technologies companies are using to meet these challenges. Michael has 20 years of experience working with companies like 3M, Bayer Environmental Science, and Honeywell on digital transformation and sales enablement. Some of the topics he will cover include:

  • Using 3D modeling and product configurators to shorten the sales cycle.
  • Simplify product demos with data visualization and interactive product presentations.
  • Accelerate the onboarding process with tools that enable new reps to learn while they sell.
  • Increasing sales of new and technical products by providing the sales team with “pre-optimized” solutions.