Digital Solutions for
Seamless Utility and Measurable ROI.

If you have a Design Center digital solution, you and your most persuasive sales tools will be just a click away. We develop digital experiences and custom software that fully leverage your business strategy. Our collaborative approach to digital strategy, user-experience, and software development has a pinpoint focus on solving your unique sales process challenges. 

Higher Level Strategic Consulting

We blend real world business experience, design and development expertise with an innovation mindset to deliver a higher level of collaborative strategy than our competitors. Consider us a partner for planning, design, development, maintenance and evolution. 

Includes: Situation Analysis, Strategy Development, Implementation, Solution Analysis, and Continual Adjustment…

Optimal User Experience & Design

Our clients’ buyers, sales reps, employees, and a host of stakeholders enjoy a refreshingly seamless user experience. In fact, the Design Center team includes one of the world’s foremost user experience experts. We validate problems, expose new ones, and prioritize opportunities for improved business impact.

We develop clear digital roadmaps and user-centered experiences. Our top-tier developers are onboard throughout the entire UX design process to ensure we’re creating experiences that are technically feasible and intelligently built.

Includes: Stakeholder Interviews, Usability Testing, Task/Decision Flows, Wireframes, and Accessible Prototypes…

Brilliant Custom Software Development

We recommend custom software solutions in situations where it makes the most sense. We pride ourselves in developing the front-end for users, but also the technical infrastructure that ensures those systems work seamlessly.

At Design Center, we don’t just come up with incredible ideas; we have the technical expertise to bring those ideas to life and nurture them for years to come. Digital experiences hinge on the quality, thoughtfulness, and the precision of technologists. We are those people.

Includes: Beautiful User-Friendly Design, A Complete Range of Platform Expertise, Technologically Brilliant Development…

Living, Breathing Mobile Application Development

A Design Center mobile app is based on an integrated development process that begins with strategy and user-experience-based design. Our experts provide recommendations to amplify your development mindset. You may come in knowing what you want and leave with the exact solution that you actually need. In short, we are a single-source mobile app developer with the capabilities and capacity to expertly deliver every aspect of your mobile product.

Includes: Collaborative consultation, Design, Development, Implementation, Continuous Evolution…

Outstanding Quality Assurance

Our analysts work with clients to identify, address and prevent software quality issues through a protocol that includes observational, compatibility and performance testing in addition to automation engineering and uninterrupted integration. We also offer independent software quality assessment and a managed-services suite to manage costs, reduce time-to-market and increase test applicability.

Includes: Evaluation, Strategy, Automation, Execution…

Truly Stunning VR /AR/3D Visualization

At Design Center we are tapping virtual reality’s potential to immerse your users in a custom experience. We build applications that leverage Virtual and Augmented Reality’s ability to peer behind walls and under hoods, to shrink users to microscopic size, place them in exciting spaces, construct/deconstruct objects and so much more.

Includes: Evaluation, Strategy, 3D Visualization, Gamification

A Powerful, Easy-to-use App Management Tool

Manage and deliver fresh, relevant content through AppKits. This proprietary app-management engine allows you to manage users, content, and deployment through one, secure, user-friendly, web-based interface. Continually get the right information to the right people at the right time.

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