Custom software and mobile app development, VR and much more.

Design Center’s methodology is a hybrid of human-centric design inquiry and agile product development. Through deep collaboration, we generate big ideas that transform the user experience.

We gain understanding and empathy through interviewing & observing users in the field and talking with project stakeholders. Researching the business models and what is actually done.

We iterate on possible ideas. Working with users & the product owner to understand what is working and uncover new possibilities.

Employee Portal

Custom software allowed this retailer to serve up the information franchisees craved.

Sales App

A chemical company needed to combine powerful selling tools into a mobile solution.

Fluropon 50

Is it possible to launch a fifty-year old product?

En-Fold App

En-Fold’s product moved. So our app did, too.

Design Flight

Valspar didn’t settle for the 64-color pack. They’re at 20,000 and counting.

Virtual City

For Uponor, we didn’t just build an app. We built a city.

EcoWater Systems

A water treatment company helped information flow.

We believe that all great projects begin with a good conversation

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